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The Charnia Research Group is concerned with research and conservation of the Precambrian (Ediacaran) fossils of Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire.

The group, consisting of geologists working in this field, local landowners and managers, and other interested parties, meets twice a year at the University of Leicester to discuss research, conservation and SSSI protection of sites. As of August 2013, the group consists of:-

Helen Boynton (Chair)

Keith Ambrose (BGS)
Jonathan Antcliffe (Department of Geology, Bristol)
David Boynton (Leicester)
Aron Bowers (Stoke on Trent)
Martyn Bradley (Warwickshire Geological Conservation Group)
Martin Brasier (Department of Earth Sciences, Oxford)
Nick Butterfield (Department of Earth Sciences, Cambridge)
John Carney (BGS, retired)
Jack Clay (Department of Geology, Leicester)
Roy Clements (Department of Geology, Leicester, retired)
Alan Cook (Warwickshire Geological Conservation Group)
Susan Cooke (Leicestershire)
Nathalie Cossa (Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust)
Dee Edwards (GeoEd)
Ian Evans (Natural England),
Mark Evans (New Walk Museum, Leicester)
Katie Field (Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust)
Trevor Ford (Department of Geology, Leicester, retired)
Frank Ince (BGS Volunteer)
Sarah Gabbott (Department of Geology, Leicester)
Owen Green (Department of Earth Sciences, Oxford)
Sarah Hair (Department of Geology, Leicester)
Mike Howe (BGS)
Michael Jeeves (Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust)
Andrew Johnson (Derby Hospital)
Charlotte Kenchington (Department of Earth Sciences, Cambridge)
Jonathan Larwood (Natural England)
Martin Litherland (Formerly BGS)
Alex Liu (Department of Earth Sciences, Cambridge)
John Martin (formerly New Walk Museum, Leicester)
Roger Mason (China University of Geosciences, Retired)
Dennis McVey (Leicestershire)
Latha Menon (Department of Earth Sciences, Oxford)
Emily Mitchell (Department of Earth Sciences, Cambridge)
Tina Negus
Tess Ormrod (Herefordshire Conservation)
Graham Shields (University College, London)
Andrew Swift (Department of Geology, Leicester)
Peter Tyldesley (Bradgate Park Trust)
Graham Walley (Leicestershire County Council)
Gill Weightman (Leicestershire RIGGS)
Dave Williams (GeoEd)
Phil Wilby (BGS)
Jan Zalasiewicz (Department of Geology, Leicester)

Charnia Research Group

For further information about the CRG and its activities, please contact:
Ian Evans
Natural England
c/o Chris Gordon
Spur B West
Block 7, Government Buildings,
Chalfont Drive,
Nottingham NG8 3SN

 A considerable amount of research has taken place in Charnwood Forest, dating back to the mid-1800s. A comprehensive list of all research articles on the geology and palaeontology of this region has been compiled by the Charnia Research Group.

For a full list of references CLICK HERE

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